50 Innovative Ways Brands Use Chatbots – TOPBOTS

Chatbots & messaging are the future of marketing. MIT’s ELIZA pioneered the revolution in the 1960s and Siri took the trend mainstream in 2011. Now chatbots are used by brands in every industry to go beyond passive advertisements and engage customers with interactive conversations.

What are chatbots, exactly? A chatbot is a conversational computer program that customers can interact with via a messaging interface. Instead of pushing buttons on a website or mobile app, you can get things done simply by chatting with a chatbot and asking questions naturally like “What movies are playing tonight?” or “What’s the latest score in the NBA finals?”. Chatbots can be found on platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Slack, Kik, Telegram, and WeChat.

Since we cover the best of bots, we’re constantly asked “Who are the most innovative companies using chatbots?” To answer this question, we surveyed TOPBOTS subscribers, conducted user interviews, and tested every single bot ourselves to discover which brand chatbots are delighting users.

Source: 50 Innovative Ways Brands Use Chatbots – TOPBOTS