HeyMojo chatbots connect hotels & restaurants directly with their guests.


Interactive Chatbots

Seamless integration with the world's most popular messaging app, Facebook Messenger.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is driving your cars, preventing bank frauds & diagnosing cancers. Now it can talk to your guests too!

No App download

With over 2m apps your customers don’t need another! Chatbots are sticky yet non-intrusive.


Just like your guests our chatbots can understand & respond in multiple languages too.

24x7 Availability

Active engagements foster better relations. Our Chatbots keep customers engaged round the clock.

Continuous Learning

HeyMojo chatbots remember relevant user details to keep evolving so that you can personalize experiences.

For Hotels

HeyMojo chatbots connect you directly with your guests throughout their journey. Now they have personal hotline to the hotel at their disposal all the times! So be it looking up for the hotel information, or booking a room, or sharing preferences before arriving, or asking for amenities during the stay, or ordering room service, or sharing feedback, or getting in touch with the hotel after checking-out for an item lost, your guests can do it all easily with their favourite messaging app.


Direct Engagement

There’s nothing better than getting to know your guests first hand by cutting out the hassles that the 3rd parties bring along.

Guest Self Service

A compendium of hotel information, recommendations, offers, local attractions, is now a click away. Smart algorithms ensure that the right information is found with minimum searching.

Direct Bookings

Integrations with Central Reservation System enables you to sell the inventory directly to the guests. It’s all commission free!

Online Payments

Accept all major cards from customers around the world in multiple currencies. PCI-DSS compliant with client-side tokenization.

Service Personalization

Let your guests share their preferences, make special requests as and when they want. Profile better, serve better.

Gather Feedback

An open & responsive channel encourages the guests to share feedback directly with the hotel, giving you the opportunity to expedite service recovery.

For Restaurants

From recommending the bestsellers, to wine pairings and accepting direct table bookings, HeyMojo chatbots serve up a range of information that keeps your customers engaged. It frees up your staff's valuable time so that they can focus on servicing the customers better.


Bring New Customers

Give marketing a boost with an interactive channel to announce special offers, new dishes, happy hours, bring back offers, birthday bonus, live music, and more.

Enhance Loyalty

Get to know about your regulars and ensure the repeat footfall increases over time with a personal touch to the customer service.


Be it paring a wine or suggesting an award winning dish or a popular cocktail, HeyMojo enables the best experience you can offer.

Active Engagement

Your customers will appreciate prompt answers to their queries. From FAQs to sharing fun-facts there are multiple ways to humanize the brand.

Collect Feedback

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy! HeyMojo’s open and responsive channel encourages your guests to share more.

Online Ordering

Be it a takeaway order or a pre-arriving customer or one at the table, with HeyMojo placing an online order is a breeze.

About Us

We are passionate bunch of people who are on a mission to close the communication gap between hotels, restaurants and their guests.

In our hyperconnected world a guest still has to cross many hoops to engage with the hotel they want to stay at or the restaurant they want to dine at. We believe the best way to build relations is by establishing a direct connection between businesses and their customers.

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